Letter to ISBE regarding Short-Term Approval

July 15, 2020

Recently, Valerie Brosius, ISHA President, Tena McNamara, ISHA Past-President, Karen Kockler, School Affairs Committee Co-Chair, and Jean Smitley, School Affairs Committee Member, participated in the Short-Term Approval Stakeholder discussion with the Illinois State Board of Education (ISBE) to proactively address shortages of speech-language pathologists and audiologists in the school setting.  After participating in the discussion, ISHA remains opposed to reinstatement of the Speech-Language Pathology Paraprofessional (SLPP) endorsement for bachelor-level graduates.  A letter was sent to ISBE to outline the specific reasons that ISHA opposes the reinstatement of SLPPs. 

ISBE is currently writing the rules for Short-Term Approval.  ISHA’s voice is now represented in the discussion; thus far, of the five professions (counseling, nursing, school social workers, school psychologists, and speech-language pathologists and audiologists), ISHA is the only profession that has made their voice heard.