Area Groups

What is Representative Council (RC)?

RC acts as a liaison between members of area groups or members at-large and the ISHA executive board.

What is an Area Group?

Any group of Speech-Language Pathologists and/or Audiologists with an identifiable geographic area and/or interest which, compiles the following criteria:

  1. Minimum of 20% of its members are also members of ISHA;
  2. Established schedule of at least three professional meetings annually in which continuing education is provided;
  3. Elected officers;
  4. Established Bylaws and/or constitution.

What if a local group has not been established?

Representatives-at-large acts as a liaison for ISHA members who are not represented at any local area group.

How are you represented at RC?

Each area group is entitled to two representatives.

What are the duties of RC members?

  1. Attend RC meetings;
  2. Report concerns of local area groups and ISHA members to RC;
  3. Report activities of local area groups to RC;
  4. Provide local area groups information regarding issues of professional concern and current ISHA activities;
  5. Promote membership in ISHA;report area group compliance with criteria.

Map Key:
Blue = North-at-Large Area
Yellow = West-at-Large Area
Peach = East-at-Large Area
Green = South-at-Large Area