Division for Educational Development

Beth Leggitt - Vice President - bleggitt@sese.org

Annual Convention Committees

Continuing Education Committee Chair: Trina M. Becker

Convention Coordinator Chair: Nichole Mulvey

Program Committee Co‚ÄźChairs: Beth Meese & Heidi Harbers

Registration & Student Liaison: Debbie McGee

Program Subcommittee Chairs:

Acquired Neurogenic Disorders: Chair: Julie Cox

Audiology / Aural Rehabilitation: Chair: Heidi Ramrattan

Child Language & Phonology: Co-Chairs: Elia Olivares & Suzanne Williams

Dysphagia: Chair: Dr. Carolyn Lisowski

Fluency: Chair: Kristin Chmela

Bilingual Topics: Chair: Mari Bliss

Professional Affairs: Chair: Lynne Barcus

Student Initiated Research & Clinical Application (SIRCA): Chair: Dr. Meredith Saletta Fitzgibbons

Technological Applications: Chair: Amy Yacucci

Voice and Motor Disorders: Chair: Angela Riccelli

Student Day/College Bowl Coordinator: Jacki Tish

ASHA Continuing Education Administrator CEA: Trina M. Becker

Divisional Goals 2021-2022

  1. Successfully implement the 2022 Annual ISHA Convention within budget.
  2. Acquire, compile and analyze data from 2021 Convention surveys.
  3. Revise and further develop convention/board job descriptions.
  4. Offer at least 1 new opportunity, such as a webinar to provide additional professional development/continuing education.