Division for Educational Development

Beth Leggitt - Vice President - bleggitt@sese.org

Annual Convention Committees

Continuing Education Committee Chair: Trina M. Becker

Convention Coordinator Chair: Nichole Mulvey

Program Committee Co‚ÄźChairs: Leah Holman & Ciera Lorio

Registration & Student Liaison: Debbie McGee

Program Subcommittee Chairs:

Acquired Neurogenic Disorders: Chair: Julie Cox

Audiology / Aural Rehabilitation: Chair: Leslie Guca

Child Language & Phonology: Co-Chairs: Elia Olivares & Suzanne Williams

Dysphagia: Chair: Dr. Carolyn Lisowski

Fluency: Chair: Kristin Chmela

Multicultural Issues / Bilingual Topics: Chair: Judi Kidwai

Professional Affairs: Chair: Lynne Barcus

Student Initiated Research & Clinical Application (SIRCA): Chair: Dr. Meredith Saletta Fitzgibbons

Technological Applications: Chair: Amy Yacucci

Voice and Motor Disorders: Chair: Angela Riccelli

Student Day/College Bowl Coordinator: Jacki Tish

ASHA Continuing Education Administrator CEA: Trina M. Becker

Divisional Goals 2022-2023

  1. Successfully implement the 2023 Annual ISHA Convention within budget.
  2. Acquire, compile and analyze data from 2022 Convention surveys.
  3. Revise and further develop convention/board job descriptions.
  4. Offer at least 1 new opportunity, such as a webinar to provide additional professional development/continuing education.
  5. Collect data from 2023 Convention virtual attendees regarding professional work setting, the reason for choosing virtual convention, and the number of professionals development needed virtually each year from ISHA.