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Posted January 4, 2021
This letter is to let you know of our concern with the use of the word “transdisciplinary” in the Illinois Early Intervention Principles. This word will impact the way that services are provided to children in Early Intervention. It may limit a family’s access to different services on their team.
Posted December 30, 2020
This is some information on how non-hospital healthcare providers in Chicago can register for an appointment to receive a COVID-19 vaccination.  As information becomes available for other areas outside of Chicago, ISHA will post that information as well.  Non-hospital healthcare providers in Chicago can find information on how to register for an COVID-19 vaccination appointment here.
Posted December 19, 2020
ASHA is advocating for speech-language pathologists and audiologists who are providing in-person services to be considered priority candidates for the COVID-19 vaccine.
Posted October 1, 2020
ISHA sent this letter to Ann Freiburg, Chief of the Illinois Department of Human Services Division of Family and Community Services, and Brenda DeVito, Vice President of Program Services on September 29th, 2020.  This letter was written to request a review of ISHA's comments and considerations regarding the proposed changes to the Illinois Early Intervention principles.  CLICK HERE to read the letter.