Continuing Education and Obtaining CEUs

I. Sponsorship for Recognized Area Groups of ISHA

The Illinois Speech-Language-Hearing Association is an ASHA approved CE Provider. Area groups affiliated with ISHA are eligible for applying for ASHA CEUs. To apply for ASHA CEUs, ISHA area groups must complete and submit the annual Area Group Agreement Form and work with the ISHA Continuing Education Administrator to meet all ASHA CE requirements. The application process involves the submission of the following documents: Area Group CEU Application, Program Planner Relationship Disclosure Form, Instructional Personnel Relationship Disclosure Form and promotional materials. All paperwork is due a minimum of 30 days prior to the CEU event. All promotional materials must be pre-approved by the ISHA CEA before they can be distributed.

Recognized Area Groups interested in offering ASHA CEU's through ISHA should contact the ISHA Continuing Education Administrator

II. Co-Sponsorship

ISHA can co-sponsor a workshop for ASHA CEUs with an outside organization if the program is directly related to audiology and/or speech-language pathology. At least 4 months prior planning with ISHA is required to coordinate co-sponsorship to ensure adherence to all ASHA guidelines. Workshops must be approved by the ISHA CEA before promotional materials are distributed advertising ASHA CEUs.There is required paperwork that needs to be completed and reviewed before approval. Additionally, there are fees associated with co-sponsorship that are paid to both ISHA (as the sponsor) and ASHA (for CEUs).

Initial Course Registration and Offering:

  • ASHA - $400.00
  • ISHA - $200.00

Additional Offerings of a Registered Course:

  • ASHA - $50.00
  • ISHA - $30.00

Organizations interested in offering ASHA CEU's through co-sponsorship should contact the ISHA Continuing Education Administrator at:

III. Independent Study Programs

Independent Study Programs are also available to meet the needs of professionals who prefer an alternative to group instructional activities. Under the independent study model, the participant develops and implements a plan of study under the direction of an individual approved by the ISHA Continuing Education Committee. Continuing education units are then provided based on the amount of time devoted to the activity.

  • $50.00 fee for Members
  • $150.00 fee for Non-Members

Individuals interested in earning ASHA CEU's through Independent Study should contact the ISHA Independent Study Continuing Education Administrator at:

ISHA Conflict of Interest Policy

The Illinois Speech-Language-Hearing Association is an ASHA approved CE Provider. It is the policy of the Illinois Speech-Language-Hearing Association to ensure balance, independence, objectivity and scientific rigor in all CE courses. Therefore, in accordance with ASHA mandates, the Illinois Speech-Language-Hearing Association requires that all individuals involved in developing and delivering course content to be offered for ASHA CEUs disclose relevant financial and nonfinancial relationship(s) by completing a disclosure form. If potential conflict of interest is identified, the Continuing Education Administrator will contact the planner and/or presenter to attempt to understand how the relationship may influence the content of the course and decide appropriate actions. Individuals who refuse to complete the disclosure form will not be considered for ASHA CEUs.

Conflict of Interest Policy

Program Planner Relationship Disclosure Form

Instructional Personnel Relationship Disclosure Form