Executive Board

ISHA 2023-2024 Executive Board Roster


Jordan Bowman


Valerie Boyer

Past President

Maria Claudia Franca

VP, Division for Association Affairs

Candace Tablerion

VP, Division for Audiological Affairs

Angi Martin-Prudent

VP-Elect, Division for Audiological Affairs

Heidi Ramrattan

VP, Division for Educational Development

Beth Leggitt

VP-Elect, Division for Educational Development

Jennine Harvey-Northrup

VP, Division for Legislative & Regulatory Affairs

Janet Olson

VP-Elect, Division for Legislative & Regulatory Affairs

Kim Pritikin

VP, Division for Professional Affairs

Sarah Moon

VP, Division for Professional & Consumer Communication

Jessica Zulueta

VP-Elect, Division for Professional & Consumer Communication

Laura Sambrookes-McQuade

VP, Division for Professional Services

Patricia A. Boyd

VP-Elect, Division for Professional Services

Kim Hoffer

Representative Council Chair

Elise Ashleigh Pierce

 Student Representative

Hannah Senanayake

Effective 9/1/2023 through 8/31/2024

Executive Director

Bryan White 
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