Division for Audiological Affairs

Heidi Ramrattan - Vice President- hramrattan@eiu.edu

The Audiology Committee of ISHA represents the specialized needs of speech & hearing professionals as they relate to hearing and balance disorders and acts to inform and educate members, policymakers, and the public on these issues. T

Audiology Committee Members

Heidi Ramrattan, Committee Chair

Jeanane M. Ferre

Pamela L. Jackson

Tena L. McNamara

Kristine M. Riley

Laura A. Wilber

Audiology Committee 2018-2019 Committee Goals

1.Expand membership

      a. Make sure 2019 program gets marketed to ILAA, EAA, ITHI
      b. Look through SIG rosters for Audiologist in IL

2. Investigate the feasibility of developing a survey to see what the new generation of audiologists need and want with regards to continuing professional education.                                                                                                                         

      a. See how ISHA may fill these continuing education needs

3. Investigate how we can collaborate with ILAA