Division for Audiological Affairs

Mike Sharp - Vice President - sharp.aud@gmail.com

The Audiology Committee of ISHA represents the specialized needs of speech & hearing professionals as they relate to hearing and balance disorders and acts to inform and educate members, policymakers, and the public on these issues. T

Audiology Committee Members

Mike Sharp, Committee Chair

Tena L. McNamara

Angi Martin-Prudent

Audiology Committee 2021-2022 Committee Goals (2021 Carry Over)

  1. Expand membership
    1. Increase membership and active participation of young professionals (first five years in practice)

                                                               i.      Conduct needs assessment

                                                             ii.      Hold social events to connect young professionals

    1. Increase participation of professionals working in Illinois

                                                               i.      Conduct listening tour in regions of the state to hear from the membership and those who are not members.

2.   Investigate how we can collaborate with ILAA