LEAP is a Finalist in Health Resource Service Administration Contest

April 24, 2017

LEAP (Language Empowers All People) is a finalist in the Health Resource Service Administration (HRSA) contest to find a technology-based application for parents who want to learn about effective language stimulation for their babies. LEAP has been dedicated to closing the word, language, literacy, learning gap since 1980!

The HRSA contest supported development of a technology strategy to reach the huge numbers of parents, which in turn will be help to reduce the 30 million word/language gap.

LEAP has designed a free app called Beginning with Babble.  This free app approaches parents with Language Tips that are accessible, easily implemented, and focused on children at their developmental age.  Beginning with Babble makes tip suggestions from zero through four years of age (up to their 5th birthday). The goal is to help parents feel more empowered as their child's first and most important teacher!

Please help LEAP disseminate this APP, by downloading and trying this language-focused app.  Download our Beginning With Babble (BWB) Apple App or Google Play store.

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