Call to Action: Illinois Early Intervention

September 14, 2015
The Governors’ office takes the top five concerns posted on a daily basis and reports them to Governor Rauner.  We have to let the voices of the children we serve be heard.  Loudly.

Simply click the link below and fill out DAILY, and have your friends, family, and the families you serve do the same.  Fill in your personal information (it will autofill after you do it the first time in your Chrome web browser if you allow, btw, to make it even quicker), select Early Intervention from the drop down menu, and check the drop down box that says “support”.
Feel free to copy and paste the following into the comment box if you’d like:  

“Please pass a state budget and pass SB 2046 to fund Early Intervention.  Early Intervention is a vital program serving over 20,000 Illinois infants and toddlers age birth to 3yrs old with developmental delays and disabilities.”

It is imperative the Governor hears from you.  Again, please paste this in your calendar and create a reminder to help you do this every day until notified otherwise. This is the simplest and best way to have our voices heard at this time.

Thank you for all you do, and thanks for supporting the kids receiving Early Intervention Services in Illinois!