2022 Ethics in Action: NSSLA TikTok Contest Winners Announced

The Ethics Education Committee is excited to share the results of the 2022 Ethics in Action: NSSLHA TikTok Contest. Contest results were announced during the ISHA Student Day Knowledge Quest event at the 2023 ISHA Convention. Six NSSLHA chapters participated in the third annual ethics contest:

  • DePaul University
  • Eastern Illinois University
  • Governors State University
  • Midwestern University
  • Northern Illinois University
  • Western Illinois University

We are thrilled that each iteration of the annual contest has increased student participation. In 2020, 20 students from four universities participated in the ethics contest and our 2021 contest included 24 students from three universities. This year we had 75 students participate across six different universities.

Each team was tasked with creating a TikTok video (up to 3 minutes in length) that highlighted their NSSLHA chapter and responded to the following prompt: Top 10 Ways Your NSSLHA Chapter and/or CSD department Supports Ethical Practices. Submissions needed to reference the 2016 ASHA Code of Ethics, their own NSSLHA chapter &/or program, and creativity was encouraged. All submissions were evaluated by our judges. A heartfelt thank you to our three judges: Kahla Graham, ISHA VP Division of Association Affairs; Whitney de Haseth, ISHA Social Media Manager & Communications Committee Chair; and Kyle Pelkey, Ethics Education Committee member.


Congratulations to Midwestern University for submitting the winning TikTok submission!

Midwestern University team:

Nohara Anaiel, Holly Bachman, Grace Callan, Kathryn Christensen, Brooke Cirenza, Noa Esther Gurvich, Lauren Hester, Sarah Hinderaker, Hannah Hormuth, Sarah Kornstein, Rachel Lauver, Anna Ledbetter, Sarah Mueller, Brianna Robertson, Patricia Savino, Jolie Slater, Fantasia Vang, Kaiyli Whelan, Huda Yasin

@rachel_lauver ♬ original sound - Rachel


Second Place Submission: Eastern Illinois University

Eastern Illinois University team:
Maria Angel, Jacinda Floyd, Jenna Kleiboeker, Sylvia Kendera, Jayci Stewart

@jayci321♬ original sound - user2038237150077


Third Place Submission: Northern Illinois University

Northern Illinois University team:
Liza Buhr, Jozi Dever, Adriana Dinello, Darcy Douglass, Adelaide Parr
Additional participating chapters (in alphabetical order):

DePaul University team:
Yasmin Anglada, Erika Arroyo, Fabiola Ash, Taylor Ballard, Jolisa Barborena, Thamar Barthelemy, Nyah Block, Maureen Burke, Gabrielle Cauagnet, Graciels Contreras, Ariana Dismer, Karen Dorantes, Anna Doty, Molly Dzurisin, Alyssa Hollander, Madeline Hull, Monica Hurtado, Kaitlyn Larson, Lizzie Lyons, Stephanie Markos, Sierra Milbrath, Stephanie Nosek, Veronica Oczowinski, Emma Olszowka, Marissa Palmejar, Miriam Plane, Kelly Schade, Hannah Senanayake, Zoe Sherman, Isabella Taylor, Madison Trolinger, Jasmin Valdovinos, Ellie Vance, Maria Villalobos, Jill Wood

@depaulchicago_slp ♬ CAN'T STOP THE FEELING! (from DreamWorks Animation's "TROLLS") - Justin Timberlake

Governors State University team:
Victoria Dean, Daniela Garcia, Montserrat Hernandez, Jessica Molinar, Xochitl Regalado, Melody Richardson

@nsslha.gsu ♬ original sound - NSSLHA

Western Illinois University team:
Whitley Cooper, Jansan Davis, Keri DeVolder, Grace Branch, Samantha Schmidt
Thank you again to the participating NSSLHA chapters, judges, and ISHA for supporting the 2022 Ethics in Action NSSLHA TikTok Contest. The Ethics Education Committee looks forward to preparing for the 2023 contest. We welcome and encourage all NSSLHA chapters to participate!