Telepractice is a service delivery method that utilizes the application of telecommunication technology to provide professional services by linking the speech-language pathologist and patient.  Fourteen states as well as the District of Columbia have wording within their licensure acts or rules that relate to services delivered via telepractice.  

Due to the growth in interest and use of this service delivery model, ISHA has formed a Telepractice Committee.  This committee strives to provide the association with information and resources regarding this service delivery method.  The articles written by members of the Telepractice Committee can be found in the ISHA newsletters.  A list of the articles and issues are found below:

Telepractice Overview: May 2015 issue page 8 to 9
Telepractice Truths or Myths: July 2015 issue page 8 to 9
An interview with a Telepractioner: October 2015 issue page 10 to 11
Current Issues in Telepractice for Speech-Language Pathologists and Audiologists: January 2016 issue page 10 to 11

Telepractice References and Resources

This video from ASHA provides an overview about providing speech-language pathology services via telepractice: 

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