Medical Practice Issues Committee

The Medical Practice Issues committee of ISHA strives to educate members regarding topics affecting medical practice in speech-laguage pathology and audiology. The committee serves to inform members of legislative and/or regulatory issues affecting practice in acute and post-acute settings including billing and coding, best practice/evidence based practice, documentation, denials management, and workplace trends and challenges, in addition to other topics.

2023-2024 Roster

  • LeaRose Moravec, Committe Co-Chair
  • Juliana Marks, Committee Co-Chair
  • Jordan Bowman
  • Roger Reeter
  • Sue Annerino
  • Miriam Alfano
  • Dena Bonnike
  • Julia Carpenter
  • Jennifer Furlane
  • Hillary Valentino
  • Melissa Trzupek
  • Christine Wancket
  • Johnathon Wilson

2023-2024 Committee Goals

  • Promote advocacy and visibility of committee activities via quarterly newsletter and relevant social media topic submissions as well as participate in Student Day activities as appropriate. Continued participation in quarter newsletter and planning to participate in ISHA 2024 student day activities as possible/if requested.
  • Present/Provide an annual update session and/or relevant topic submissions by members to share expertise. Annual update provided at ISHA 2023 convention.
  • Present/Provide 1 additional presentation outside of the MPIC update session submission by MPIC members, either as a group or individuals, to share expertise, promote EBP, and to promote awareness of the Medical Practice Issues Committee. 3 MPIC member presentations at ISHA 2023.
  • Collect SLP/Aud inquiries related to practice in medical settings, collect resources, and respond to 100% of inquiries, track and present at annual update session.100% response rate, date provided at annual update.
  • Promote best practices in care related to medical settings including education, practice, and research with potential collaborations between Ethics, EBP, Medical Practice, and others for production of articles, sessions, social media, and other deliverables as appropriate at least annually. Continuing to incorporate the latest evidence based practice into our articles and presentations