School Affairs Committee

Diane Barnes-Maguire, Committee Co-Chair

Linnea Anderson Guither, Committee Co-Chair

Karen Kockler

Jeanette L. Kiester

Beth Leggitt

Sarah Moon

Jean Smitley

Julie Craft-Wilks

Tonya Evans

Jennifer Heinisch

Margaret Modglin

Elizabeth Neenan

Jennifer J. Klay-Kravat

Julie Obrien Smith

Rene Rosenberg

Rosemary Frank

Linnea Mae Anderson

Susan J. Buzzard

Kristina Doan

Lynette Edwards

Patricia L. Herron

Kelly Jean McCormick

Audrey A. Slana

This committee monitors legislation relevant to services in the school setting, has a voice in developing state and national legislation and regulation, and helps to create increased involvement in advocacy related to ISHA and to practice issues in the schools throughout the state of Illinois.

School Affairs Committee 2020-2021 Committee Goals

1.    Focus Areas: Communication and Professional Development

To create and update content on the “School Affairs” webpage that addresses frequently asked questions regarding state licensure for Audiologists, SLPs and SLPAs working in the schools, caseload and workload issues, Medicaid billing, and supervision of CFs and/or SLPAs.

2.    Focus Area: Communication

To continue to provide accurate literature and resources regarding ISBE and IDFPR licensure, and best practices relevant to school-based speech language pathologists, speech language pathology assistants, and audiologists. This would include providing literature and resources to district superintendents, district administrators, state leadership associations for special education.

3.    Focus Areas: Continuing Education and Professional Development

To provide continuing education opportunities at the annual ISHA convention related to the work of SLPs, SLPAs, and audiologists in the schools.

4.    Focus Areas: Membership, Leadership, and Recognition

 To nominate colleagues in the schools for recognition with the Exemplary Practice Award.

5.    Focus Areas: Advocacy, Membership Recruitment, Retention, and Leadership

To work with other committees (legislation and regulations, multicultural issues, Evidence Based Practices, membership, etc.) to recruit currently practicing professionals to volunteer their time to help create increased involvement in advocacy efforts related to practice issues in the schools throughout the state of Illinois.

6.    Focus Areas: Advocacy and Professional Development

To publish articles relevant to colleagues practicing in the school setting in each issue of the ISHA Voice newsletter. Professionals Serving People with Communication Disorders.

7.    Collaborate on DEI Task Force initiatives as they are developed.