Early Intervention Committee

This committee strives to educate members with relative information in the field of Early Intervention regarding clinical practice issues, legislation, networking, billing and other time sensitive issues as they occur. The committee works hard to have a voice in legislation, regulation and advocacy for our profession. 

2023-2024 Roster

  • Karissa Louthan, Chair
  • Nicole Smith
  • Kim Wedoff
  • Kim Pritikin
  • Devida Braverman
  • Sarah Rosten
  • Nicole Mulvey
  • Tracy Wannemacher
  • Amanda Albright
  • Paula Hamilton
  • Christine Fletcher
  • Maria Yakos
  • Vicky Jordan
  • Kelly O'Connor Crees

2023-2024 Committee Goals


  • Focus Area:  Advocacy: Communicate with EI Entities to gather information for members regarding updates or changes in policy, procedure, and/or to support advocacy measures for reimbursement of EI speech-language services within the state. Support/advocate communities in speech-language activities.
  • Focus Area: Communication: Electronic or Non-electronic - Discuss ways the EI Committee members can use the ISHA Voice and Social Media and maintain quarterly meetings to communicate with its’ members and to reach out to others to encourage participation and offer support.
  • Focus Area: Professional Development: Collaborate with the EI Committee to gather names/topics regarding potential speakers for the 2024 convention and then provide this information to the appropriate ISHA Track Chairs for future planning events.


  • Retain current EI Committee members
  • Maintain membership in the EI Coalition
  • Develop written resource for families, physicians, and clinics regarding speech/language/hearing and EI services to disperse. Create in English and Spanish
  • Submit one social media post per month
  • Submit one article to the ISHA Voice for each quarter
  • Identify and recruit 5 topics and speakers (100% focused on EI) for the 2024 convention
  • Laundromat Library: Re-establish previously established branches, establish one new branch
  • Utilize Telepractice liaison from the EI Committee to communicate with the Telepractice Committee
  • Utilize State Systemic Improvement Plan (SSIP) representative to communicate regarding plans for EI from the IL EI Bureau
  • Attend or gather minutes from the Illinois Interagency Council on EI (IICEI) and disperse to members of EI Committee


  • The EI Committee will directly or indirectly communicate with the telepractice liaison quarterly to provide members with the most current information.
  • The EI Committee will participate in quarterly virtual meetings to support consistent communication and develop strategies to meet committee goals.
  • The EI Committee will directly or indirectly communicate with the SSIP representative quarterly to provide members with the most current information.
  • The EI Committee will directly or indirectly communication with EI Coalition members to provide members with updates and most current information regarding advocacy in EI.
  • The EI Committee will adhere to a calendar with a designated member responsible for the quarterly newsletter submission.
  • The EI Committee members will reach out to local chapters or area groups and other EI providers to encourage Call for Presentations. Outreach to at least one expert in EI will be contacted.
  • The EI Committee will develop resources to share with local doctors’ offices and clinics regarding EI services. The resource will be developed in English and Spanish.
  • The EI Committee will attend or request minutes from attendance to the IICEI quarterly meeting. The Committee Chair or representative will disperse the minutes to the EI Committee to help members stay informed on Illinois EI policies and procedures.