2019 ISHA Speaker Handouts

Session Last Name Session Title Contact Hours
1 Birutis Recognizing "Fatigue Effect" and Its Impact on Swallowing in Children 1.00
2 Hudock Acceptance & Commitment Therapy for Stuttering; Therapy, Evidence, & Practice 3.00
3 Bliss/Guzek Language of Instruction for English Language Learners: Considerations for Assessment 1.00
4 Stokes AWESOME Web-Based Resources and iTechnology for Supporting Students with ASD 3.00
5 Briggs, Harbers, Parton 3 Clicks Spelling: An Interactive Encoding, Decoding and Morphing Toolkit 2.00
6 Jaskolski/Moyle Phonological Awareness Training Program: A SLP's Tool for Training Teachers 1.00
7 Edens Assessment Through a DIR Lens: Thinking Outside of the Box 1.00
8 Rudebusch Rich Making Workload Work 2.00
9 Homer Swallowing and Feeding in Schools: Legal, Ethical, and Educational Relevance 2.00
10 Britton Dysarthria Related to Spinal Cord Injury 3.00
11 DeThorne/Searsmith Autism and the Neurodiversity Movement 2.00
12 Zemsky Dineen/Osmelak Up Your Ethics Game. Tips and Tricks for Ethical Challenges 1.00
13 McCullough MCI and Dementia: Definition and Diagnosis 2.00
14 Boyer ELL and Emergent Literacy 2.00
15 Homer A Time-Tested Procedure for Addressing Swallowing/Feeding in the School Setting 2.00
16 Gore, Luckman, Belling, Tarell, Hirsh Stuttering Therapy 101 2.00
17 DeThorne Autism, Apraxia, & Supporting Social Interaction 3.00
18 Britton Speaking and Swallowing with Non-Invasive Positive Pressure Ventilation 2.00
19 McCullough Clinical Essentials for the Management of MCI and Dementia 2.00
20 Shega Ethical Considersations; End of Life Issues for Patients with Advanced Illness 2.00
21 Daughrity ASD in Underrepresented Communities: Acknowledging Disparity Enacting Change  1.00
22 Luckman/Tarrell Non-Traditional Interventions for School-Age Stuttering 1.00
23 Raj Apps and Websites as Digital Tools for Education and for Educating and Engaging Children with Communication Disorders 3.00
24 Peach Applications of the Cognition of Language to Aphasia Intervention 3.00
25 Ittner Bone Conduction Hearing Devices 2.00
26 Baker-Rush/Zemsky Dineen Multi-disciplinary or Interprofessional - Is it Just Semantics? 2.00
27 Pfeffer Improv for Speaking Anxiety: Interactive Workshop  3.00
28 Senner Partner-Augmented Input: Modeling AAC in the Classroom and Home 3.00
29 Homer Maintaining Safety, Managing Feeding and Improving Functional Eating Skills in the School Setting 2.00
30 Raisor-Becker Curriculum-Based Assessment: Connecting to the Classroom 3.00
31 Goodson/McNamara ASHA & ISHA Great Partners for Members 1.00
32 Searsmith The Cliff at Childhood's End: Helping Emerging Adults with Autism Make the Leap to College 1.00
33 Seeman/Kirby Listening Effort and Cognition Across the Lifespan 2.00
34 Al-Ani/Franca Long-Reach Diversity: International Collaboration 1.00
35 Walsh Breastfeeding: What Every Feeding Therapist Should Know 1.00
36-P1 Evans Alternating Positive and Negative Reinforcement in School-Aged Children with ASD 0.25
36-P2 Stellato Animal Assisted Intervention and Peer Mediated Intervention with ASD 0.25
36-P3 Suh/Torres Comparison of Script Training Techniques 0.25
36-P4 Osentoski, Gurevich, Osmelak Clinical Need for Educating Nurses about Diet Modification for Dysphagia 0.25
36-P5 Schlesser Communication Needs in Critical Care Nursing: An SLP Perspective 0.25
36-P6 Mazurek Diagnostic Practices for Childhood Apraxia of Speech: A Survey 0.25
36-P7 O'Donnell Dysphagia Treatments for Patients with Parkinson's Disease and Dementia 0.25
36-P8 Park Effect of Dysphonic Speech on Identifiability of Vowels 0.25
36-P9 Leja/Park Effects of Different Postures on Swallowing : Child with Cerebral Palsy 0.25
36-P10 Boese Hearing Loss and Dementia 0.25
36-P11 Butkovich Identifying Influences on Development of Phonetic Transcription Skills 0.25
36-P12 Kelly Information sources and caregiver knowledge about aphasia 0.25
36-P13 Bardoner/Morean Language and Cognitive Deficits Associated with Chemotherapy for Pediatric Cancer 0.25
36-P14 Lesser Low-Technology AAC for Social Communication in Children with Autism 0.25
36-P15 Sienza Mainstream Tablets as Speech Generating Devices: Considerations in Decision Making 0.25
36-P16 Dillon Relationship of MLU and Teacher Perceptions of Preschool Children 0.25
36-P17 Dust/Kidd Not Your Typical SLI: A Case Study 0.25
37 Parton Demystifying Dyslexia: Clarity in lieu of Controversy  2.00
38 Chasey/Kleine Concussion Oversight Committeee - Return to Play and Return to Learn 2.00
39 Johnson Sensory/Behavioral Feeding Strategies and Texture Progression 1.00
40 Burke/Geslak Using Exercise to Improve Therapy Sessions for ASD and Beyond 2.00
41 Lusung/Mayer Does Choir Participation Improve Word Finding? 1.00
41 Young Survey of Students' Cultural Competency Following Study Abroad
41 Zhang The Detective Game: the Role of SLP in Differential Diagnosis
42 Raisor-Becker Behavior 101: Managing Difficult Behaviors with Trauma-Informed Practices  3.00
43 Walsh/Vetter Feeding Children with Cleft Lip and Palate 1.00
44 Childress CI Hear - Troubleshooting for Pediatrics 2.00
45 Franca/Al-Ani Diversity Pathways: Awareness to Competence 1.00
46 Johnson Managing Aspiration in Children 1.00
47 Mamokonian Telepractice in Schools: Common Challenges and Solutions 2.00
48 Retzlaff/Grzych AAC: Fostering Emergent Literacy 2.00
49 Namazi Narrative Language Assess and Intervention in School-Age Child 3.00
50 Pilger 10th Annual College Bowl 2.00
51 Miller Schwarz AAC Assessment 2.00
52 Childress CI Hear - Troubleshooting for Adults 2.00
53 Walsh, Johnson, Volz Thickening in Pediatrics: When, Why, and How (1 / 2) 2.00
54 Brazas CVES: Core Vocabulary Exchange System 1.00
55 Bowman Wellness and Health Literacy for the Older Adult 1.00
56 Retzlaff Aphasia, LPAA, and AAC with Satillo's Communication Journey: Aphasia 1.00
57 Schulze Awards Breakfast Speaker 1.00
58 Waller Dysphonia: A Comprehensive Review of Evaluation, Treatment and Evidence-Based Practice 3.00
59 Boyle Understanding and Influencing the Stigma of Stuttering 3.00
60 Al-Ani, Garcia, Stierwalt Pulse Oximetry Levels in Healthy Adults and those with COPD 1.00
61 Smith/Wedoff Early Intervention Informational Session 1.00
62 Dietz Therapy & Principles of AAC Interface Design Treating Aphasia 3.00
63 Wasowicz Putting Spoken Language First to Build the Brain for Literacy 3.00
64 Namazi Assessment/Treatment Emerging Bilingual Practical Tools for Monolingual SLP 3.00
65 Sexton 5 Minute Kids: Individual Drill-Based Program for Speech Sound Disorders 2.00
66 Brann/Barcus EBP Committee: Updates and Resources for SLPs 1.00
67-P18 Szymanski Vocabulary measures in 21 month-olds 0.25
67-P19 Kruszewski Ventricular Phonation as a Result of Prolonged Intubation 0.25
67-P20 Hubly/Burney Transgender Voice Modification and Personal Identity 0.25
67-P21 Endsley The Relationship Between Prosocial Behavior and Teacher Perceptions in Preschoolers 0.25
67-P22 Pivek The Impact of Ankyloglossia on Pediatric Feeding 0.25
67-P23 Bodemer Syllable Structure Level Update 0.25
67-P24 Sparacino/Salazar Speech-Language Pathologists' Use of Language Sampling 0.25
67-P25 Ziecina Speech Assessment of Typically-Developing Bilingual Polish-English Children 0.25
67-P26 Greig/Kremkow Social Effects of Equine Assisted Therapy on Children with Autism 0.25
67-P27 Haritopoulos/Willoughby Social Competence in Deaf and Hard-of-Hearing Children Versus Hearing Peers 0.25
67-P28 Laguna Self-acceptance of stuttering, self-disclosure, stuttering severity, and label preference. 0.25
67-P29 Hamilton/Franca Seeing Beyond the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) 0.25
67-P30 Van Buren Parent Perspectives on AAC use with Childhood Apraxia of Speech 0.25
67-P31 Oetzel Knowledge & Preparedness of Students in Provision of ESL Therapy 0.25
67-P32 Hennings Northern Illinois University Interprofessional Case Study Event 0.25
67-P33 Delgado Multicultural Issues in Augmentative & Alternative Communication (AAC) 0.25
67-P34 Abudayyeh Perceptions of altered therapy parameters on fluency technique generalization. 0.25
67-P35 Bricker Use of Parent Model in Early Intervention with Deaf Children 0.25
67-P36 Thomas, Kim, Park Laryngeal closure during pharyngeal swallowing after unilateral cortical stroke 0.25
68 Fino/Lading Social Communication Programming for Adolescents in the School Setting 2.00
69 Corich The Impact of Bilateral DBS on Swallowing in Essential Tremor 1.00
69 Daukus Wayfinding Icons in Hospitals: Accessibility Analysis from a SLP Perspective
69 Godek The Effects of Bilateral Thalamic DBS on Speech Intelligibility
69 Lapp Health Literacy: A Critical Review from an SLP Perspective
70 Smith/Lybolt Building a Collaboration Team: Assembling Content, Technique, and Administrative Support 2.00
71 Mahoney, Jung, Gilbertson Universal Design for AAC: Multi-Tiered Systems of Support 2.00
72 Vetter/Walsh Speech-Language Considerations for Infants with Cleft Palate (1 / 2) 2.00
73 Dietz Finding, Analyzing, & Using AAC & Apps to Treat Aphasia 3.00
74 Wasowicz SLPs Put the 'Speech' in Speech-to-Print Structured Literacy 3.00
75 Kockler/Maguire School Affairs Update 2.00
76 Baker-Rush/Zemsky Dineen Medical Practice Issues Committee Update 1.00
77 Wu Is Teletherapy Right for Me? 1.00
78 Czuba, Giewont, Fisher, Forand Expiratory Muscle Strength Training as an Intervention across Rehabilitation Populations 1.00
79 Mahoney, Jung, Gilbertson,  A Tiered Approach to Core Vocabulary Instruction 2.00
80 Pritkin Legislative and Regulatory Affairs Committee Update 1.00
81 Xiao Conversation Moderator: Using Machine Learning to Encourage Speaking in Groups 1.00