Mentorship Steps to Success

1. Get Acquainted

  • Ask questions.
  • Share experiences.
  • Discuss professional and personal information to create a strong bond.

2. Establish Expectations

  • Outline mentor and mentee goals.
  • Outline expectations for the relationship.

3. Create a Plan

  • Determine frequency and modality of meeting.
  • Determine ways to measure sucess.
  • Determine preferred methods of communication/feedback.

4. Meet Consistently and Revise Plan

  • Include activities for networking, learning, and bonding.
  • Update the plan as needed to meet the transitioning needs of the Mentee/Mentor.

5. Reflect and Conclude Mentorship Program

  • Discuss what has been learned throughout the mentorship.
  • Provide feedback.
  • Determine effective communication channels to stay in touch.