Exemplary School Award Recipients

The Exemplary School Award is awarded:

  • To give visible recognition to outstanding speech-language or audiology programs in the Illinois schools and/or to ISHA professionals involved in exemplary school initiatives in Illinois.
  • To promote and share quality professional programs with colleagues in the schools state-wide, and to motivate individuals and departments to enrich their own programs.
  • To highlight our profession in the media for positive public relations with the citizens of Illinois, thereby strengthening public support for improving school programs.

*This award was changed to the Exemplary Practice Award in 2020. 

1988 Herease Frazier

1988 Marcia Blascoe

1989 Home-Center Speech-Language Program, Quincy

1989 Chicago High Schools North District #31, Chicago

1990 Shirley Birmingham

1992 Susan D. Hay

1994 Susan Hallberg

1995 Richard Brett (posthumously)

1996 Carol Cinnick Selgrad

2000 Judith C. Brault

2004 Chicago Public Schools Bilingual Service Provider Project (CPS and St. Xavier University)

2004 Rita Samuelson & Cynthia B. Angermeier

2006 Jane E. Paglini & Casie DeRose

2011 Stacy L. Buck

2012 Barbara T. Goodson

2018 Sarah L. Moon

2020 Kelly Fino & Margaret Lading