The EI credential is a certification issued through the Illinois Department of Human Services by its designee, Provider Connections   Early Intervention Credentialing and Enrollment. This credential allows individuals to provide and bill the EI Central Billing Office (CBO) for early intervention services to children birth to three years of age that are eligible for Part C Early Intervention Services.

To provide services, either independently or with an agency, the applicant must first qualify, be issued an EI Credential for the profession for which they wish to be credentialed, and complete the CBO Enrollment Application.

Speech/Language Pathologists with a current license in the state where they provide services to Illinois children may apply for an EI Specialist: Licensed Speech/Language Pathologist credential and enroll to bill. Additional training is required within 6 months after being issued a temporary credential for full credential status and continued enrollment.

All applicants must meet minimum qualification standards. Applicants that meet the training and supervision requirements at the time of application are awarded a full credential that is active for (3) years. All others are issued a 6 month (90 days for service coordinators and parent liaisons) temporary credential during which they are required to submit documentation that they have met the training and supervision requirements. When Provider Connections receives documentation during the temporary credential period that both requirements have been met, a full credential will be awarded.

This information was taken directly from the Provider Connections website.  Please go to the website for the EI Credential Application and CBO Enrollment Application.