Editor's Corner


“Letters to the Editor” and other article submissions should be sent to ishasocialmedia@gmail.com by the first of the month.  Please contact the ISHA Voice editor regarding how to submit an article if you are not a committee member.  

Campaign to Support Diversity within the CSD Professions

Join the ISHA campaign:  Supporting Diversity within the CSD Professions.  Help spread the word to young people from historically excluded communities about our speech-language pathology and audiology professions.

Attention: Bilingual Providers

ISHA’s Multicultural Issues Committee is updating the Bilingual and Bidialectal Providers Directory.  Providers wishing to be included in the directory need to complete this form.

ISHA is on Social Media

Stay up-to-date on the news of the association and profession via social.  Due to social media algorithms, it is important that you interact with the ISHA account / page by liking or commenting on posts.  This will increase the likelihood that you will see new posts. 

Pathway to Licensure

ISHA’s Legislative and Regulatory Committee collaborated with various ISHA committees to create several documents that outline the steps necessary to apply for and obtain different types of Illinois licensure.  These documents are designed to assist students and new professionals to the state in obtaining the necessary licensure to practice.

Multilingual Munch and Mentor hosted by the Multicultural Issues Committee

The Multicultural Issues Committee (MIC) enjoyed connecting with ISHA members during the convention and discussing new ideas. To continue these conversations, MIC is also launching a new initiative – hosting quarterly Multilingual Munch and Mentor virtual meetings for ISHA members who want to discuss questions and brainstorm possible solutions to support efforts to better serve clients from various cultural and linguistic backgrounds. We will aim to alternate between noon hour and early evening meetings.  Stay tuned for more information about our meeting dates.


If you, your colleague, or friend is recognized for their work within the professions, please let ISHA know at ishasocialmedia@gmail.com in order for the association to recognition their achievements!