2022 Continuing Education Information

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Continuing Education Credits are earned by your participation in a short course, seminar, discussion forum, SIRCA, research presentation, poster presentation, instructional/technical session or workshop. Continuing education hours can be earned for state licensure, early intervention credentials, ISBE or for ASHA’s Clinical Competence Certificate. The 2022 ISHA Annual Convention is offered as 1 course:

1.     ISHA Annual Convention On-Demand Conference

On Demand sessions offered March 11 - April 8, 2022 offers 148 hours of continuing education.

Participants will not be able to count CEUs for previous sessions attended. The online CE registry will prevent participants from counting a session more than once for continuing education credit.

Various Levels
14.8 ASHA CEUs 



All participants who want documentation of continuing education earned at the ISHA convention should register their hours via the online CE Registry. Continuing education hours for the following should all be documented through the CE Registry:

  • ISBE Professional Development Hours (PDH) to maintain Educator Licensure
    • Document hours through the registry, keep verification for your reference
    • Click here for ISBE documentation – keep for your records
    • NOTE - ISBE's reporting system has recently changed. When entering your hours into ELIS, "Add Provider" and enter Illinois Speech-Language-Hearing Association manually. After entering your hours you will be asked for a "RCTD" code. ISHA's code is 65-108-2030-51-0000 (enter code without the dashes). ISBE also indicated that if ELIS does not let you enter hours, ensure you are using the Firefox web browser. They cannot gaurentee that other web browsers will work. CLICK HERE to download Firefox. 
  • IDFPR continuing education hours to maintain state licensure
    • Document hours through the registry, keep verification form for your reference
  • Early Intervention continuing education to maintain credentials
  • ASHA CEUs to maintain Clinical Competence Certificate
    • Document hours through the online registry, choose “submit hours to ASHA,” enter ASHA number in online registry
    • Keep verification form for your reference
    • You will earn .05 Continuing Education Units for every half hour you spend in one of the above activities (11.5 hours = 1.15 ASHA CEUs).
    • Please refer to the ASHA website at this direct link for information on who is eligible for ASHA CEUs.  https://www.asha.org/CE/CEUs/Eligibility-to-earn-ASHA-CEUs/.


Hours can be entered in the online system as you complete them or at the end of convention. All participants who enter hours into the online CE registry will receive a verification of their hours via email and will also have the option to print the verification form. Everyone should keep the verification of attendance form for their records.

The Online CE Registry is now closed.

Presentation of course content, specific products or clinical procedures at convention does not imply endorsement by ISHA.

The Illinois Speech-Language-Hearing Association requires that all individuals involved in developing and delivering course content to be offered for ASHA CEUs disclose relevant financial and nonfinancial relationship(s). See links below to view disclosures for all convention speakers please.