Telepractice Committee

The Telepractice Committee strives to educate members regarding the provision of telehealth services in the state of Illinois. The goal of the committee is to disseminate information related to practice guidelines, legal and ethical issues. 

2023-2024 Roster

  • Jennine Harvey-Northrop, Chair
  • Valerie Brosius
  • Jordan Bowman
  • Kim Pritikin
  • Angela M. Riccelli
  • Amanda Albright
  • Danielle Osmelak
  • Sarah Wu

2023-2024 Committee Goals


  • Focus Area—Advocacy: To communicate at least annually with ASHA regarding telepractice issues, advocacy efforts and reimbursement for audiology and speech-language pathology services.
  • Focus Area—Advocacy: Advocate for Medicaid reimbursement for services provided via tele services. Illinois allows for the provision of teleservices in our practice act; however, Medicaid reimbursement for said services is not currently available.
  • Focus Area—Communication: To provide information to ISHA members on telepractice via newsletter, website, and social media 3 times per year.
  • Focus Area—Professional Development/Continuing Education: To propose topics and/or speakers on issues related to telepractice for annual convention. 
  • Focus Area—Quality of Service: To provide information on technical and ethical standards, evidence based practice and improved outcomes, especially for underserved clients for services delivered by telepractice by submitting a session for ISHA annual conference. 


  • Retain current Telepractice Committee members and increase membership by one
  • Submit one social media post per month
  • Submit one article to the ISHA Voice for each quarter
  • Identify and recruit 3 topics and speakers (100% focused on EI) for the 2024 convention
  • Utilize Telepractice liaisons from related committees to communicate and integrate updates, policies, presentations, with related committees 


  • The Telepractice Committee will continuously update the ISHA telepractice webpages to provide members with the most current telepractice information.
  • The Telepractice Committee will directly or indirectly communicate with the telepractice liaisons quarterly to provide members with the most current information.
  • The Telepractice Committee will participate in quarterly virtual meetings to support consistent communication and develop strategies to meet committee goals.
  • The Telepractice Committee will identify and invite at least one member to the Telepractice Committee annual convention meeting.                
  • The Telepractice Committee will adhere to a calendar with a designated member responsible for the quarterly newsletter submission.