2020 ISHA Speaker Handouts

Session  Last Name Session Title Contact Hours
1 Clark Compelling Case Studies & Research:  PROMPT in Action 2.00
2 Moran Special Education Law for Speech and Language Pathologists 1.00
3 Harbers Creating Cultural Competent Professionals: What Can We Do Better 1.00
4 Wilson Literacy Based Therapy:  How to Make It Work 1.00
5 Ross Welcome 2 The Jungle 1.00
6 Hirsh Stuttering- Underneath the Iceberg: What We Can't See 1.50
7 Norton Screening and assessment for early, accurate identification of language/reading disorders 2.00
8 Stierwalt Optimizing Speech and Language Services in a Global Marketplace 1.00
9 Miller Schwarz Let's Get Visual!  Accessible Low Technology AAC Tools for Classrooms 2.00
10 Stonestreet Identification and Intervention Strategies for Young Children with Syndromes 2.00
11 Kanadet Development of an Outpatient Dysphagia Education Program for Optimizing Care 1.50
12 Slaymaker Following the IEP Framework to Document AAC Assessments:  From Consideration-Implementation 1.00
13 Kowalski Evidence-Based Intervention for Social-Pragmatic Communication Deficits 3.00
14 Lever Bridging Dysphagia Research and Practice: Anecdotes from a Translational Clinician-Scientist, Part 1 1.50
15 Boyer Assessment & Intervention in Diverse Populations with Autism 1.50
16 Martinez Determining Client Candidacy for Telepractice 2.00
17 Ianni The Relentless Tour with Anthony Ianni 1.00
18 Norton A practical toolkit for reading and understanding neuroscience research 1.00
19 Tarrell IEP Clinic for School-Based Stuttering Treatment 2.00
20 Burns Updates in Neuroscience: How Therapy Changes the Brain 2.00
21 Lever Bridging Dysphagia Research & Practice: Anecdotes From a Translational Clinician-Scientist, Part 2 1.50
22 Barcus Just Google It! A Patient-Centered Approach to Adult AAC Intervention 1.00
23 Wilson The Language of Behavior: Behavior Management Beyond the Prize Box 1.00
24 Little Teletherapy and Early Intervention 1.00
25 Kowalski Asperger Syndrome/High Functioning Autism and Violence: Is There a Link? 1.00
26 Schneider Closing the Gap: Evaluation and Management of Vocal Fold Paralysis 2.00
27 Briscoe Running Businesses with Students: Building Communication Skills Within Functional Tasks 2.00
28 Alani Professional Skills in a Changing World: International Alliances 1.00
29 Chow Hearing Technology and the Classroom 1.00
30 Wheeler Hegland Deep Brain Stimulation therapy in Parkinson's Disease: Role of SLPs. 2.00
31 Hoffmann Treatment of Childhood Apraxia of Speech, Part 1 3.00
32 Petersen Using the CUBED to Monitor the Language of Older Students 2.00
33 Krasich Caught Modeling Core 2.00
34 Zurawski What's in Your Therapy Toolbox? Fill it Up, Maximize Success 2.00
35 Burns Therapeutic Interdisciplinary management:  persons with right hemisphere stroke Part 1 1.50
36 Foley Auditory/Language Processing, Auditory Memory & Attention Deficit 2.00
37 Franca Diversity Issues in SLP- Path to Competency 1.00
38 Burns Therapeutic Interdisciplinary management: persons with right hemisphere stroke - Part 2 1.50
39 Gibbons Ethical / End of Life Considerations Related to Dysphagia 1.00
40 Vickers Maximizing Service to Outpatients with Aphasia 2.00
41 Norton Behavioral and brain perspectives on reading development and dyslexia 2.00
42 Luckman The future of stuttering therapy: By SLP's who stutter 2.00
43 Stonestreet Language Intervention in Special Populations 2.00
44 Ebert Processing in bilinguals with language disorders: Profiles and treatment implications 1.00
45-P1 Alexander Speech-Language Pathologists' Response to Echolalia 0.25
45-P2 Ball Video versus Picture Stimuli in Action Observation Treatment for Aphasia  0.25
45-P3 Brennan Speech-Language Pathologists' Views Regarding Interdisciplinary School-Based Dysphagia Management 0.25
45-P4 Casapao Initial Analysis of Language and Cognition in Niemann-Pick Type C 0.25
45-P5 Croci Using Vital Stim to Treat Dysphagia:  A Systematic Review 0.25
45-P6 Dadzie Barriers to Recruitment of Racial Minorities into Communication Disorders 0.25
45-P7 Murphy The Effectiveness of the Shaker Exercise Protocol:  A systematic Review 0.25
45-P8 Czochara Transgender Voice Modification: Current Reimbursement Policies and Treatment Evidence Review 0.25
45-P9 Gaudiano Tongue-Tie and Speech Articulation 0.25
45-P10 Geiser Comparison of social communication in individuals with FXS and WS. 0.25
45-P11 Johnson Do Certified Speech-Language Pathologists Find Core Vocabulary Boards Effective? 0.25
45-P12 Green Barriers to assessment/diagnosis in children with ASD from CLD backgrounds 0.25
45-P13 Jachino Influence of Linguistic Register on Symptom Variability in Spasmodic Dysphonia 0.25
45-P14 Koegel Intervention Techniques Targeting Echolalia: A Systematic Review 0.25
45-P15 Daik Infant symptoms of children with CAS as reported by parents. 0.25
46 Souza Cognition for clinicians: Suggestions for including cognitive screening in practice 2.00
47 Briscoe Targeting Speech and Language Development Through Pretend Play 1.00
48 Hoffmann Treatment of Childhood Apraxia of Speech, Part 2 3.00
49 Petersen Using Story Champs with the General Education Curriculum 2.00
50 Johnson Identity Reconstruction in Individuals with Spasmodic Dysphonia:  A Qualitative Investigation 0.25
51 Wheeler Hegland Airway protection disorders in parkinsonism 2.00
52 Burns Cognitive Function in CVA and TBI: Assessment and Treatment - 1 1.50
53 Yaruss Counseling Parents of Children Who Stutter 2.00
54 Kowalski Social-Pragmatic Communication Assessment and Goal Development that Avoids Due Process. 2.00
55 Gorman Assessment and intervention for dual language learners: Raising the game 1.50
56 Edwards Tips and tricks for Clinical Fellow Supervision and Mentoring 2.00
57 McNamara Hot Topics Concerning Children with Hearing Difficulties 1.00
58 Burns Cognitive Function in CVA and TBI:: Assessment and Treatment -2 1.50
59 Annerino The Implementation of a FEES program in a hospital setting 1.00
60 Chmela Mindfulness & Stuttering Therapy:  Considerations for School-Age Children 1.50
61 Zurawski Service Delivery and Rigor: Language Therapy with a Therapeutic Focus 2.00
62 Yaruss Understanding Experiences of People Who Stutter Can Improve Your Therapy 2.00
63 Kowalski Gender Dysphoria and AS/High Functioning Autism: Role of the SLP 1.00
64 Rogus-Pulia Assessment of Dysphagia in Persons with Dementia 2.00
65 Kruzel Top Ten Transition Tech Tools: Common AT Used In College 2.00
66 Threats Professional Ethics- What Even Good People Need to Know 1.50
67 Bowman Root Cause Analysis of Cognitive-Communication Deficits Secondary to MCI 1.50
68 Cole Wait for it...Independence! Increasing independence of individuals using AAC. 2.00
69 Wambaugh Assessment & Diagnosis of Apraxia of Speech in Adults 2.00
70 Mulvey ASD: Assessment and Intervention in the EI Context 2.00
71 Byrd Creating Great Communicators 2.00
72 D'Onofrio How Oral Motor Impacts Articulation and Language Development 2.00
73 Threats EBP-What It Is and What It Is Not 1.50
74 Dombroski Amplitude-Based Treatment in the Pediatric Group Setting 1.00
75-P1 Lezza At-Home Communication Effects of DIR/Floortime 0.25
75-P2 Lindauer Parental Involvement and AAC: A Child with Angelman Syndrome 0.25
75-P3 Lindenberg Pausing vs. cancellation for disfluencies in a child with ASD 0.25
75-P4 Muller The Efficacy of Treatment Targeting ToM in Adults with TBI 0.25
75-P5 O'Dowd In Children with ASD, Is Grammar Related to Motor Abilities? 0.25
75-P6 Pasternock Quantifying Motor Stability in Singing and Speech Production 0.25
75-P7 Pressley The Effectiveness of Constraint Induced Language Therapy on Chronic Aphasia 0.25
75-P8 Sandoval Students' Reflections Regarding  Interdisciplinary Collaboration 0.25
75-P9 Shoemaker Licensed Counselors: Knowledge of Stuttering and the Populations' Counseling Needs 0.25
75-P10 Simpson Perceptions of Communication: Healthcare Professionals & Patients with TBI 0.25
75-P11 Szramek Swallowing in infant with myotonic dystrophy: A case study 0.25
75-P12 Thomas Assessing the Accuracy of the Illinois Early Intervention Eligibility Criteria 0.25
75-P13 Wallace Maintenance Procedures of Persons with Laryngectomies 0.25
75-P14 Weil Nonwords vs real words in phonological intervention 0.25
75-P15 Zarebczan Group Therapy in Aphasia: How is it Beneficial? 0.25
76 Kockler How to Succeed with Workload! 1.00
77 Rich Effectiveness of a Structured Literacy Intervention for At-Risk Kindergarten Students 1.00
78 Walsh Feeding Children with Tracheostomy Tubes: Cup, Spoon and Solids 1.50
79 Rogus-Pulia Dysphagia Treatment for Persons with Dementia: Preserving Eating Enjoyment 2.00
80 Kruzel Toolkit for Transition: Using AT to Support Transition to College 2.00
81 Wambaugh Intervention for Apraxia of Speech in Adults 2.00
82 Byrd Bilingualism and Stuttering 2.00
83 Ferre Assessing and treating APDs: PLAYING it old school 1.00
84 Pline Redefining Communicative Competence 1.00
85 Baker-Rush Myths, Methods, and Meaning of Research: Analyzing "E" in EBP 1.00
86 Kockler School Affairs Update 1.00
87 Vetter Speech-Language Intervention for Toddlers with Cleft Palate: Palatoplasty to Preschool 1.00
88 Wedoff Early Intervention Informational Session for New Providers 1.00
89 Walsh Pediatrics and Thickened Liquids: An Update in Current Practices 2.00
90 Rogers Strength vs. Skill Training in Dysphagia Rehabilitation Post Stroke 2.00
91 Ball Dear Ethics Committee... 1.00
92 Pritikin Legislative and Regulatory Affairs Committee Update 1.00
93 del Toro Action Observation Treatment for Verb Naming in Aphasia 1.00
94 Reeter Medical Practice Issues discussion forum 1.00
95 Wedoff Early Intervention Update Session for Currently Credentialed Providers 1.00
96 Brann Evidence-Based Practice Updates 1.00