2014 Credentials and Requirements for School-based SLPs, SLP/Audiologists, and SLPAs

The Vice Presidents of the Division of Legislative and Regulatory Affairs and Professional Services have compiled a chart to outline the continuing education requirements for school-based speech-language pathologists, dually certified speech-language pathologist/audiologists, and speech-language pathology assistants.

These requirements are projected to be effective July 1, 2014.  This chart only addresses the continuing education requirements related to the professional educator license.  The current IDFPR and ASHA CCC continuing education requirements remain. 

It should be noted that some CPDUs do not equal CEUs and may not count towards the IDFPR/CCC requirements for continuing education.  An example of CPDUs that would not be counted for IDFPR/CCC CEUs would be a meeting at school.  Also, you may want to check with your individual districts to determine what activities will count towards the 120 hours/5 years.  Some districts give CPDU/CE credit for attendance at district inservices, workshops, IEP meetings, and school improvement meetings.  Theoretically, if one goes to the ISHA convention and attends approved meetings within his/her district, it may be relatively "easy" to earn 24 hours per year.

It is also important to note that a SLP, who holds a Professional Educator License (PEL) (Teaching) and may consider becoming a district administrator at a future date, is strongly encouraged to maintain the “teaching” educator license.  A change from the PEL (Teaching) to the PEL (Non-teaching) will be irreversible.  

The new rules for renewal language are targeted for July of 2014.  ISHA will continue to provide members with updates regarding these changes.  Members of ISHA's Legislative and Regulatory Affairs and Professional Services divisions believe that the drafted language will be open for public comment at some point in the future.  Please watch for information regarding an opportunity to provide feedback regarding this new language. 

2014 Credentials and Requirements for School-based SLPs, SLP/Audiologists, and SLPAs


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Resources for School-Based SLPs

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Here are a couple of sample letters to use when your caseload numbers are increasing.  One of the letters may be used to inform your district administrators that your caseload is increasing and will soon reach the 60 student limit; the other may be used when you have identified the 61st student needing an evaluation and/or therapy.  The documents can be edited to include information specific to you and your district.  It is recommended that in districts where there is more than one SLP, the team should decide when each of the letters is to be sent: Approaching or Exceeding Limits Letters 9/09

Speech/Language Eligibility Criteria Matrix Revised 03/09

ISHA Spring 2006 CCC Letter saved to Illinois Superintendents regarding the value of hiring Speech-Language Pathologists and Audiologists with their CCCs.

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