Telepractice in Schools: A 1st Quarter Review and Reboot

By Kim Pritikin, Telepractice Committee Member

Published October 2023 in the ISHA Voice

The first quarter of the 23-24 school year is quickly coming to an end. In alignment with traditional practice in school settings, SLP school services offered via telepractice follow the same quarter schedule structure. This time of year offers an opportunity to review and reboot administrative processes and procedures, resources, professional development, and personal wellness.

  • Review Administrative Requirements: Take the time to get ahead with scheduling IEP’s and completing IEP paperwork. You will thank yourself for this later! If progress reports are required, complete those and send them to caretakers. Make improvements in your systems for data collection and logging services. If you use a paper system, there are plenty of free/low cost solutions online for you to consider. If you are already using online solutions - can you streamline to save time or clicks?
  • Reboot your Materials: New materials often put a smile on the faces of our students as well as ourselves. New materials can get us out of the lesson plan ‘rut’. Are there new websites you can use? New books come out daily. Take the time to investigate some new books and introduce them to your students. Touch base with your general education or special education teachers to see if they are using any new curricular materials that you might consider using as well. If you enjoy social media, check out some new groups to join for therapy ideas.
  • Review Professional Development: We have the privilege of participating in continuing education to maintain our license(s). Take the time to review the requirements for states in which you have a license. Review the ASHA requirements as well. Register and take some courses. There are plenty of online sources to obtain credits as well as in person opportunities. You might even request time off to attend the ISHA convention in February.
  • Reboot your Self Care: Self care will prevent burn out. One of the biggest reminders for those of us in telepractice is to step away from electronics. Take time daily to walk away from the monitor. Try a change of scenery. You might redecorate your workspace or even just hang some new art on the walls near you. Stay positive in your thinking instead of having a negative attitude. Keep yourself in mind. What helps to center/balance you during your work day? Make those things part of your day to help you stay positive and have a good frame of mind.

Kim Pritikin is a member of the Telepractice committee and currently works for California Online Public Schools.