Evidence-based Practice Committee Wants to Hear from You!

In order to better serve you and provide evidence-based information that you are interested in, please take a few moments to complete this survey.

2024 ISHA Legislative Agenda

This is your chance to have a voice in developing state and national legislation that will affect your profession. All current legislation that ISHA is working on can be found via the 2024 ISHA Legislative Agenda.  You will find a listing of ISHA’s 2024 legislative items, along with a quick and easy way to indicate your approval, opposition, or neutrality on any of the current bills.

2025 ISHA Convention Planning Survey

ISHA needs to hear from you regarding plans for the 2025 Annual Convention! Your feedback will be considered as we continue exploratory conversations surrounding the 2025 Annual Convention. Please take a few moments to complete this survey

Multicultural Issues Committee Survey
To follow up with our discussion, MIC invites you to share what topics related to cultural and linguistic diversity and responsivity you would like addressed in future articles, posts, and professional development activities.  Please feel free to indicate your topics of interest here.

Telepractice Committee Surveys
The Telepractice Committee is releasing two surveys to gain membership and stakeholder feedback on areas or initiatives that would be most helpful for clinical practice and education in telepractice.