Remediating the 7 Most Common Error Sounds Using the SATPAC Approach

Courtyard Chicago Oakbrook Terrace, 6 Trans Am Plaza Drive, Oakbrook Terrace, IL

Presented by: 2011 ASHF Award Winner - Stephen Sacks, M.A., CCC-SLP

As SLPs and SLPAs, we spent a lot of time remediating speech sound disorders and particularly the /r/ and /s/ sounds. Come learn how to use the SATPAC Approach to systematically remediate the 7 most common errors (/r/, /s,z/, /l/, /k,g/, /sh/, /ch,j/ and /th,TH/).

The SATPAC Approach incorporates conversation-like activities into the earliest phases of therapy (normal rate, natural prosody and coarticulation) along with other best practices (facilitating contexts, the use of nonwords and many repetitions) to quickly, efficiently and systematically remediate speech sound disorders.

There are 5 recent peer-reviewed studies showing the effectiveness of the SATPAC system and approach. Using these techniques with the /s/ and /r/ sounds showed that most students were remediated in approximately 3 hrs. of therapy for /s/ and 7-8 hours of therapy for /r/ (compared to ASHA NOMS data of 18-20 hours). Remediation of phonological processes and case studies will be included with lots of hands-on opportunities to try out these new techniques.

Email: steve@satpac.com or Workshop Info: https://satpac.com/sacks-workshops/

(.6 ASHA CEUs and 6 CA CEUs)