Legislative Pairing Project

As part of the Legislative Pairing Project, participating students and ISHA members are assigned to one of their home district state legislators for the purpose of building ongoing legislative relationships to further grassroots advocacy. Pairing Project members make two or more contacts with their assigned state legislator yearly. These contacts may include visits, phone calls, letters and/or emails; sample scripts and messages are periodically sent to participants to be used in making contacts. Currently, approximately 90 ISHA members participate in this project, which is maintained by ISHA’s Legislative and Regulatory Affairs Committee.  

This ISHA advocacy effort involves only a few hours of time per YEAR! Students, as well as current ISHA members, are encouraged to participate; let’s make sure our professional voices are heard in Springfield on issues important to our profession. If you are interested in participating, please contact ishalegislative@gmail.com.