Guidance from ISBE during Mandatory Suspension of In-Person Instruction

March 27, 2020

On March 27, 2020, ISBE released a document that provided guidance to Illinois Schools and School Districts regarding the mandatory suspension of in-person instruction.  The entire document can be found here

ISHA has been made aware that students majoring in communication disorders and sciences are concerned about the impact the mandatory suspension on in-person instruction will have on their ability to complete their clincial hours.  This document from ISBE addresses this in questions 16 and 17, which can be found below.

16. What is being done for educator licensure candidates who might not be able to complete required program components (e.g., student teaching, internship hours, the EdTPA, content tests) due to school and test center closures?   

Due to recent school and test center closures that limit or prohibit candidates from completing their preparation program requirements, ISBE is pursuing emergency action that will enable candidates to still receive licensure this spring and summer and gain employment this fall. ISBE will provide official guidance regarding the edTPA, student teaching/internships, clinical hours required for endorsements, and testing timelines as soon as we have secured this emergency action. ISBE is committed to resolving these licensure issues so that no candidate in the final stages of their preparation is adversely affected by the closures.  

17. Can classes leading to educator licensure be grades as pass/fail?

Illinois Administrative Rule 25.100 requires coursework used for licensure to be passed with a grade of “C-” or higher. If your institution defines “pass” as a “C-” or higher, licensure will not be impacted. If an institution’s “passing” grade is equivalent to lower than a C-, the institution should inform ISBE on the determination made by institution administration. ISBE will work with institutions to support those candidates who may be impacted.