Legislative & Regulatory Affairs Committee

Legislative & Regulatory Affairs Committee

Heather J. Driscoll, Committee Chair

Corinne M. Stewart

Sharon G. Brown-Sweeney

Michele C. Simler

Jayne Jaskoski

Karen Cannon-Janettas

Lauren A. Wilber

Janet Olson

Carrie Kerr

Paula Hamilton

Kim Pritikin

Roger Reeter

Maggie Block

Alyssa Furman

This committee works with members of the speech-language pathology and audiology professions in Illinois to advocate on behalf of the clients in need of services. Included in these efforts are working with legislators and lobbyists to establish and uphold the licensure act, monitor impending legislation that impacts the professions and clients, and communicate potential and actual changes to regulations that will impact the areas of speech-language pathology and audiology. 

Legislative & Regulatory Affairs Committee 2020-2021 Committee Goals

  1. The Legislative and Regulatory Affairs Committee VP or chair will communicate updates requiring grassroots efforts with the Social Media coordinator for distribution to members as needed.
  2. Quarterly updates on legislative and/or regulatory updates, or related information will be presented for publication in the newsletter by committee members.
  3. Committee VP or designee will communicate on an as needed basis with related committees for issues pertaining to their specialties: MPI, School Affairs, EI, Telepractice (Tri-Alliance has been helping with this).
  4. Committee members will engage with membership to increase legislative awareness via Legislative Pairing Project and at least 1 other event annually.
  5. Committee chairperson, or designee, will provide a welcome email to new committee members each fall with a brief history of the group, review of goals, etc.
  6. Compile a list of inquiries of legislative and regulatory affairs that are sent to the ISHA Executive Director via email and general responses to these questions.