Honors Committee

Thomas A. Parton, Chair

John Consalvi

Jeanane M. Ferre

Danila McAsey

Denise A. Prohaska

Rebecca Throneburg

Diane Davis-Williams

Sarah Moon

Carol Szymanski

The Honors Committee organizes and reviews all the nominations for the various awards that ISHA presents at the annual Association Luncheon. 

Honors Committee 2022-2023 Committee Goals

1. Administer ISHA awards 

a. Receive nominations of ISHA awards

i. ISHA Fellows

ii. Honors of the Association

iii. Exemplary Practice Awards

iv. Illinois Clinical Achievement Awards

v. DiCarlo Award by sponsor - support from committee as needed v. Distinguished Contributions

b. Review award documentation

c. Recommend award recipients to the ISHA Executive Board

d. Publicize awards to encourage nominations

i. Website

ii. Social Media

iii. Newsletter

2. Encourage the membership to participate in nominations for ASHA awards (e.g., Illinois Clinical Achievement Award, Kleffner Award and ASHA Fellow).

a. Newsletter

b. ISHA social media

3. Facilitate the presentation of ISHA awards

a. Notify the recipients of awards following Executive Board approval.

b. Secure appropriate plaques or certificates for all awards presented.

c. Make arrangements for award breakfast

i. Receive breakfast reservations

ii. Determine breakfast seating

iii. Print place cards for breakfast awardees and guests

iv. Facilitate photos of awardees and guests at the reception

d. Provide publicity to ISHA recipients

i. Website

ii. Social Media

iii. Newsletter

4. Review criteria and procedures for all awards.

5. Provide written reports of committee activities and expenditures to the Vice President, Division for Association Affairs.

6. Monitor the recognition of the past president.