Committee Updates: June 2024

Published in the June 2024 Issue of the ISHA Voice

  • ISHA’s Ethics Education Committee is working on a panel presentation proposal the on ethical questions/scenarios across different settings for the upcoming ISHA convention.  The committee also held a meeting in May to discuss achievements, upcoming goals, and action items. 
  • ISHA’s Honors Committee is currently reviewing submitted honors nominations for consideration and preparing for Executive Board approval in September.  ISHA’s Honors Committee is excited to announce the Class of 2025 ISHA Honorees in the upcoming months.
  • ISHA’s IPECP Task Force met to plan a session for the upcoming ISHA 2025. We have a small, but energetic, group and would love to have you join us. Current members represent providers experienced in EI, schools, and medical SLP. We have SLPs and a dual certified specialist. Next on our agenda is collaborating with individuals outside our fields to broaden our focus on ASHA's strategic objective for interprofessional practice.
  • ISHA’s Multicultural Issues Committee met virtual for the 2nd Multilingual Munch and Mentor.  These virtual meet-ups are for both monolingual and multilingual ISHA members who want to discuss questions and brainstorm possible solutions to support efforts to better serve clients from various cultural and linguistic backgrounds.  Watch for the next Multilingual Munch and Mentor in the future. 
  • ISHA’s Leadership Development Program is now accepting applications for the 2024-2025 cohort.  ISHA’s Leadership Development Program (LDP) is a seven-month curriculum designed to teach speech-language pathologists and audiologists to apply acquired knowledge and skills in future professional and volunteer leadership roles, while building a strong pipeline of future leaders for ISHA volunteer positions. These skills are also valuable when applied in the professional work setting. By the end of the LDP, participants will be able to develop goals for applying leadership knowledge and skills to professional and volunteer roles. Learn more about this program and apply today!
  • ISHA members are welcome and encouraged to join ISHA committees.  Participation in committee work provides the opportunity to connect with colleagues from around the state, share knowledge, advocate for change and progress, and provide guidance on issues impacting the professions.  Those ISHA members interested in joining any one of the numerous ISHA committees should complete the Volunteer for ISHA form.