Committee Updates: October 2023

  • ISHA’s Evidence-Based Practice Committee has submitted an article to each quarterly ISHA Voice newsletters, and we have been surveying the membership for topics for EBP committee involvement; our hope is that will be sensitive to the needs of the membership.  In order to better serve you and provide evidence-based information that you are interested in, please take a few moments to complete this survey.
  • ISHA’s Audiology Committee continues to discuss ideas for increasing membership of audiologists within the association.
  • ISHA’s Student Involvement Committee has met to update goals and initiatives.  The committee has updated student chapter contacts in preparation for scheduling the semester meeting and email updates.
  • ISHA’s Ethics Education Committee is excited to see what our talented and creative future professionals submit for the Ethics in Action Video Contest.  The committee is also working on their joint presentation with ISHA’s Evidence-based Practice Committee for the 2024 ISHA Convention.  
  •  ISHA’s Medical Practice Issues Committee has increased its membership by 6%.  Their upcoming meeting date is February 14, 2024 at the ISHA Convention.  Learn more about this committee and other ISHA committees here.

  • In response to input from members via the Evidence-based Practice Committee Survey, the Evidence-based Practice Committee hopes to offer ISHA Voice articles in 2024 that relate to a specific theme.  The articles for the upcoming year will have a child language focus.  There next meeting will be at the ISHA Convention on February 9th, 2024.  ISHA’s Evidence-based Practice Committee continues to welcome input from members regarding EBP topics of interest.  The survey remains available to member input. 
  • ISHA’s Billing and Reimbursement Committee is currently continuing to meet with the Medicaid Coalition.  The committee’s next meeting is January 18th, 2024.  The committee also wanted the membership to know that ASHA is seeking information about insurance challenges! ASHA will be attending the National Association of Insurance Commissioners meeting this December to address payer challenges in specific states. If you or your colleagues have experienced challenges with insurance in the following areas, would you please share the name of the payer, the state, and any other specifics (except patient personal information of course) to strengthen our advocacy? Seeking specific member examples related to issues including: pediatric services, credentialing and enrolling, and telepractice. Please email