Billing & Reimbursement Committee

Billing & Reimbursement Committee

Kim Pritikin, Co-Chair

Kristin Chmela, Co-Chair

Valerie Brosius

Danila McAsey

Heidi Verticchio

Tricia Larikin

Eileen Brann

Maggie Block

Jordan Bowman

Lacey Peters

Susannah York

Stefanie O'Donnell

Jessica Wacker

The purpose of the Billing and Reimbursement Committee is to address the specific concerns and issues related to Medicare, Medicaid, private health plans and coding for reimbursement, encountered by ISHA members as they deliver services across settings.  The Billing and Reimbursement Committee will address advocacy of the professions in terms of reimbursement, including the value of a procedure.

Billing & Reimbursement Committee 2022-2023 Committee Goals


  1. Focus area- Membership Recruitment and Retention: Maintain an active committee inviting and recruiting members, including speech pathology and audiology students, such that the committee consists of at least 10 members by Convention, February 2023.
  2. Focus area- Continuing Education/Professional Development: Propose topics and recruit speakers to provide continuing education sessions at the February 2023 Convention targeting reimbursement, coding, Medicare and Medicaid.
  3. Focus area- Communication, Advocacy, and Quality of Service: Provide information to ISHA members on billing, coding, and reimbursement/appeal issues via newsletter, website, and/or social media at least 3 times per year and develop a communication plan for informing the membership of the purpose and ongoing work of the committee via newsletter submissions and on-line posts.
  4. Focus area- Advocacy and Communication: Communicate at least annually with ISHA STAR, SEAL and StAMP regarding billing, reimbursement, advocacy efforts, and legislative issues.


  1. An established annual communication with ISHA STAR, SEAL and StAMP liaisons in regards to billing and reimbursement issues and then relay this information to the committee and ISHA membership via the newsletter, website or social media.
  2. Increase visibility on social media from 3 to at least 5-7 posts annually.
  3. Increase access to resources concerning billing and reimbursement service on the ISHA website or social media from 0 to at least 1 post annually. 
  4. Increase Billing and Reimbursement Committee membership by at least 2 members. Focus on student and audiology members.
  5. Increase membership participation by means of submitting of contributing to at least 1 social media and/or ISHA article and active contribution and/or participation in the Billing and Reimbursement Committee ISHA convention presentation.


  1. The Billing and Reimbursement Committee will develop ISHA social media posts and invite ISHA members to dialogue/comment/discuss these posts.
  2. The Billing and reimbursement Committee will communicate with the convention committee as to potential invited speakers.
  1. Each Billing and Reimbursement committeemember will identify a new potential volunteer/leader via existing ISHA members and/or future ISHA members via networking with colleagues, universities and students.
  2. The Billing and Reimbursement Committee members will submit articles for the ISHA newsletter quarterly. The committee members will also submit posts/articles for social media in regards to billing, coding, reimbursement, and navigating appeals.
  3. The Billing and Reimbursement Committee will submit a proposal for an hour panel presentation at the annual convention.