Update on New ISHA Retired Membership Category and Criteria for Life Membership Changes

June 30, 2016

The ISHA Executive Board voted to establish Retired Member category, at their June 4, 2016 Executive Board Meeting, in order to align with ASHA and other associations throughout the country.  This provides another level of membership and benefits not currently available to our members.

Retired Membership Category
Retired Membership is a category of membership in which the following criteria are met:
1.    Documentation of a minimum age 65.  As ISHA does not collect birthdates, applying members must produce proof of age e.g., Driver's License.
2.    At least 25 years of consecutive ISHA membership immediately prior to application. 
3.    Must be retired from full time work, but may be working part-time. 
4.    Deadline to submit written request to the ISHA office at executivedirector@ishail.org for Retired Membership status is August 31st of each year to be considered for the current membership year. Any requests for Retired Membership status after August 31st will not be considered until the next membership year.

Benefits of Retired Membership
1.     50% reduction in annual Association dues
2.     50% reduction in annual convention registration fees (This does not include the cost of attending the luncheon) 

In addition the ISHA Executive Board voted to revise the criteria for Life Membership at their June 4, 2016 meeting.  This action will not change the status or benefits of current life members of ISHA. 

Life Membership as Approved
Life Membership for previously approved Life Members as of June 4, 2016 shall remain unchanged.  A letter from the President explaining the changes and benefits of their previously approved Life Membership was sent out to each of them. 

As of June 4, 2016 Life Membership will now become a category of membership in which the following criteria are met:
1.    Life Membership is an Honor reserved for those recognized through repeated committed service to the Association.
2.    Upon receiving ISHA’s most prestigious recognition of Honors of the Association, regardless of age or years of continuous membership in ISHA, members will automatically be considered Life Members.
3.    Those members who have previously been bestowed Honors of the Association as of June 4, 2016 will automatically become Life Members. 

Benefits of Life Membership
1.    Free Association membership
2.    Complimentary convention registration (This does not include the cost of attending the luncheon)

The Executive Board believes that these changes are essential for the successful future of the association and its members.