Legislative Action is Required Immediately – We Need Your Help!

April 25, 2017

Dear ISHA Member,

You are aware via the newsletter update about ISHA’s work related to the reauthorization of the Illinois Speech-Language Pathology and Audiology Practice Act.  ISHA, IDFPR, and ILAA have created Senate Bill 771, which is currently in the Licensed Activities and Pensions Committee.    

The Illinois Hearing Society has concerns related to our bill, Senate Bill 771.  They have called on their membership to actively oppose SB 771. The Illinois Hearing Society believes:

1.    That Hearing Aid Dispensers can use the term “audiology” in their business name and marketing, even when their practice does not employ an audiologist.  We feel as though this action is misleading to the public.

2.    That Hearing Aid Dispensers can perform cerumen removal, despite the fact that it is not addressed in their own current dispensing act or code. They want to add an exclusion to our bill that allows for cerumen removal by hearing aid dispensers, despite their lack of hands on, practical training.

ISHA, ILAA, and our lobbyist have attempted, since January, to work with the Hearing Aid Dispenser community.  Unfortunately, they are unwilling to compromise on these issues at this point.

At this point, we need ISHA members to immediately contact, via phone or email, all of the following legislators and VOICE YOUR SUPPORT for
 Senate Bill 771.

Tell these legislators that you are a speech-language pathologist or audiologist and that you support SB 771 as amended and oppose the language sought by the IL Hearing Society!

There may be a vote this week; it is imperative that we act immediately!

•    Iris Martinez (Committee Chair:www.senatoririsymartinez.com/contact-us
or (219) 782-8191 or (773) 278-2020
•    Emil Jones III: www.senatoremiljones.com/contact-us
or (217) 782-9573 or (773) 995-7748
•    Omar Aquino: info@senatoraquino.com or (217) 782-5652 or (773) 292-0202
•    Jennifer Bertino-Tarrant: http://senatorbertinotarrant.com/contact-us or (217) 782-0052 or (815) 254-4211
•    Melinda Bush:www.senatormelindabush.com/contact/email-senator-bush or
(217) 782-7353 or (847) 548-5631
•    William Haine: http://www.senatorhaine.com/contact-us or (217) 782-5247 or (618) 465-4764
•    Napoleon Harris: http://www.senatornapoleonharris.com/district-info/contact-us or (217) 782-8066 or (708) 893-0552
•    Martin Sandoval: msandoval@senatedem.ilga.gov or (217) 782-5304 or
(708) 656-2002
•    Pamela J. Althoff: http://senatoralthoff.com/Contact/Contact-Form or (217) 782-8000 or (815) 455-6330
•    Neil Anderson: http://senatorneilanderson.com/Contact or  (815) 455-6330 or (309) 736-7084
•    Dan McConchie: dan@senatormcconchie.com or (217) 782-8010 or (224) 662-4544
•    Tom Rooney:www.senatortomrooney.com/Contact/Contact-Form or  (217) 782-4471 or (847) 776-1490
•    Chuck Weaver: http://senatorweaver.com/Contact/Contact-Form or  (217) 782-1942 or (309) 693-4921

Thank you!