ISHA 2023 Virtual Educational Series: School Affairs Session


Key Concepts for Working in a School Setting


Presented by: Linnea Anderson Guither CCC-SLP,L & Diane Barnes-Maguire, EdS, CCC-SLP,L

Linnea Anderson Guither is the School Affairs co-chair for ISHA. She currently works with Speaking 4 Children and the Illinois Family Council in order to help advocate for children in Illinois. She works at Bureau Valley CUSD 340 and Heritage Healthcare (PRN), both in Walnut, Illinois. She enjoys working on both sides of the spectrum within our field as well as volunteering for groups that encourage positive change in her town and throughout Illinois. Linnea enjoys traveling and spending time with her husband Eric, daughter Laurel, and dog Luger.

Diane Barnes-Maguire is the co-chair for ISHA's School Affairs Committee. She is a past Vice President for ISHA's Professional Affairs Committee and District Representative Council Past Chair. She is an ISHA Fellow. She has been an SLP for the past 27 years in the school setting, as well as in Early Intervention, Hospitals, Clinics, and Private Practice. She is an Adjunct Professor at Lewis University and has served as a Principal in an Early Childhood School and Communication Development Program. She was recently named the Director of Human Resources for the ECHO Joint Agreement. She is married to her husband of 26 years, Matt, and enjoys spending time with him and their two adult children Matt and Collin. She enjoys advocating for the rights of children with disabilities and helping clinicians learn to responsibly advocate for manageable workloads.


Session length: One hour


Activity Description: This session presented key concepts related to SLPS, SLPAs, and audiologists working in the school setting. The presentation also discussed credentials, overview of working in the schools, training, and advocacy to support needs of students and the SLPS, SLPAs, and audiologists.


Session Agenda: 

  • 0-3 minutes: Introductions
  • 3-8 minutes: Certification, Licensure and Credentials
  • 8-13 minutes: Overview of Working in the School Setting
  • 13-18 minutes: FAPE, Missed Sessions, and Compensatory Services
  • 18-28 minutes: Revisiting the Goals Setting Process
  • 28-33 minutes: Parent Training, Counseling, and Staff Training
  • 33-38 minutes: Shortages in the Schools
  • 38-58 minutes: Legislation Impacting Work in the Schools
  • 58-60 minutes: Advocacy


Learning Objectives: After attending the presentation, participants will be able to

  • Identify the key roles of the SLP/SLPA/Audiologist working in the school setting, along with the needed credentials to work in the school setting.
  • Discuss the impact of key pieces of legislation that impact work within the school setting FAPE, Missed Session, and Compensatory Services
  • Explain the Goal Setting Process and their role in Parent Training, Counseling, and Staff Training as part of the IEP Process.


Disclosure Information:

  • Financial: Linnea Anderson Guither does not have a relevant financial relationship to disclose.
  • Nonfinancial: Linnea Anderson Guither does not have a relevant non-financial relationship to disclose.
  • Financial: Diane Barnes-Maguire does not have a relevant financial relationship to disclose.
  • Nonfinancial: Diane Barnes-Maguire is the co-chair of the School Affairs Committee for the Illinois Speech-Language-Hearing Association.

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