Evidence-Based Practice Committee

Allison Marie Bouma, Co-Chair

Maria Yakos, Co-Chair

Suzanne Williams

Sandra Shigetomi-Toyama

Elaine M. Rau

Susannah York

Laura Sambrookes-McQuade

Allison Alexander

Eileen M. Brann

Megan Marie Haduck

Jaime Henderson

Kim Wedoff

Mary Bacon

Julie Devaney

Victoria Reynolds

The Evidence-Based Practice (EBP) committee of ISHA acts to inform and educate members and the public on Evidence-Based Practice.  This includes evolving views on EBP, skills and resources for overcoming barriers to effective implementation, and practical ideas for incorporating all elements of EBP in clinical decision-making.

 Evidence-Based Practice Committee 2021-2022 Committee Goals

  1. Submit ISHA Newsletter pieces that provide specific strategies for engaging in the EBP process for clinicians. 
  2. Survey clinicians regarding potential research questions they have encountered in their clinical practice and how to better connect therapists in the field to researchers. 
  3. Gather input from committee members via survey regarding ISHA survey distribution.
  4. Complete a Google Doc including committee members’ areas of expertise for the VP of Professional Affairs to call on as needed. 
  5. Present at the 2022 ISHA convention on the importance of EBP and the use of implementation science to provide a process to make data-driven decisions given common barriers to practice and implementation.