Multicultural Issues Committee

Brenda K. Gorman, Co-Chair

Sharon Rzyski, Co-Chair

Tijana Antonic

Mari Bliss

Agata Guzek

Valerie Brosius

Camille Byrd O'Quin

Chastity Leddell

Cosette Groisiller

Heather Driscoll

Maria Yakos

Maria Claudia Franca

Paula Ignaciuk

Stephanie Rehani

The goal of the ISHA Multicultural Issues Committee is to promote best practice principles while assessing and treating multicultural and multilingual populations throughout the state of Illinois.

Multicultural Issues Committee 2022-2023 Committee Goals

  1. Provide opportunities for continuing education that emphasize bilingual and multicultural topics (e.g., ISHA Voice)
  2. Updating bilingual/bidialectal service provider list (Ongoing)
  3. Updating ISHA website to include information for clinicians about bilingual/multicultural resources and social networking opportunities, etc.
  4. Organizing opportunities for ISHA members to network with bilingual and multicultural service providers
  5. Supporting districts with limited bilingual personnel
  6. Presenting/identifying speakers for ISHA
  7. Continue volunteering as discussion facilitators for DEI Connecting Conversations