Ethics Education Committee

Michelle Zemsky Dineen, Chair

Judith Ball

Danielle Osmelak

Kristen Chmela

Kyle Pelkey

Ilene Ross

Amy Burke

Laura A. Wilber

Kimberly Hoffer

Elaine Rau

The Ethics Education Committee of ISHA strives to educate members regarding issues that support ethical practice in speech-language pathology and audiology and serves to inform members of proposed and/or approved modifications to the ASHA Code of Ethics and the impact on professional practice. 

 Ethics Education Committee 2022-2023 Committee Goals

  1. Provide education regarding changes to ethics documents governing the practice of speech-language pathology and audiology in Illinois, or of a national body, related to ethical practice.
  2. Provide professional resources to practicing Speech Language Pathologists and Audiologists to aid in understanding, avoiding, or resolving ethical issues and/or expanding members’ understanding of ethics in professional practice including contributions to social media updates, quarterly newsletter contributions, and annual presentation by committee at annual conventions.
  3. Promote awareness of ethics for current and future professionals via student day, speaker suggestions, and submitted sessions as appropriate; and recognition of convention attendees who ask ethics-related questions in non-ethics sessions.
  4. Provide community support by acting as a resource to the local and state-wide communities in which we serve re: ethical questions and or concerns in the practice of Speech Language Pathology and Audiology and responding to 100% of inquiries.
  5. Establish and maintain collaborative relationships with NSSLHA and other committees via publications and/ or projects to facilitate infusion of ethical content within a broader context.