2023-2024 Standing Committees & Liaisons

Standing Committees

Bylaws & Policy & Procedures Committee

Valerie Brosius

Finance Committee

Tammy Ashby

Honors and Awards

Mary Kirwan Johnson

Long Range Planning Committee

Tammy Ashby

Nominations and Elections

Valerie Brosius

Association Liaisons

Illinois Special Education Coalition (ISELA) Liaison

Jeni Baron

State Education Advocacy Leaders (ASHA SEALs)

Karen Kockler

State Advocates for Medicare Policy (ASHA StAMP)

Jordan Bowman

State Advocates for Reimbursement (ASHA STAR)

Carrie Kerr

Early Intervention (EI) Coalition - Click Here

Karissa Genebacher Louthan

ASHA Committee of Ambassadors


 Amanda Szymanski

Speech-Language Pathology

Thomas A. Parton