2020 Ethics in Action: Ethics Video Contest Winners

2020 Ethics in Action: Ethics Video Contest Winner

ISHA's Ethics Education Committee is excited to announce that the NSSHLA chapter from Northern Illinois University has won the first Ethics in Action: Ethics Video Contest for their submission entitled: Picture Perfect? Ethical Deliberation in Social Media Use.  The NIU NSSHLA chapter displayed three examples of violations against the 2016 ASHA Code of Ethics pertaining to technology and social media in their video.  The first example addresses the temptation of sharing details of a session with a friend over a phone call or FaceTime call.  The second example is a violation that demonstrates inappropriate social media behavior which discloses the private information of a client.  The last example highlights a possible ethical dilemma regarding teletherapy and access to recorded sessions over text messaging.  Following each violation, the NIU NSSHLA chapter provided corrections of those specific examples with the intention of providing a possible resolution.  The video centered around the idea that violating ASHA's Code of Ethics is easier to do than it seems, and each example was chosen for the reason that each of these scenarios have come up in the personal lives of the video participants.  With technology being so prevalent in this field and social media on the rise, the NIU NSSHLA chapter wanted to bring awareness to the possible pitfalls and ethical dilemmas that could rise. 

The NIU NSSHLA chapter students that participated in the video are: Madelynn Parrott, Megan Nordstrom, Emily Atchison, Tiffany Jacob, and Gracie Strohm.

 Ethics in Action: Ethics Video Contest Winner-Northern Illinois University NSSHLA Chapter


The Ethics Education Committee also commends the other submissions on a job well done.

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