Division for Legislative & Regulatory Affairs

Diane M. Barnes-Maguire – Vice President – mdmaguire@sbcglobal.net

Legislative & Regulatory Affairs Committee

Sharon Brown-Sweeney

Melanie Frazek

Frank Goldacker

Kimberly Pritikin

Michele Simler

Corinne Stewart

Christy Strole

Carol Szymanski

Patricia Tattersall

Laura Wilber

Brenda Wilson

Legislative & Regulatory Affairs Committee 2016-2017 Committee Goals

1. Quarterly updates on legislative and/or regulatory updates, or related information will be presented for publication in the newsletter by committee members. Additional updates prn for communication via Social Media.

2. Committee VP or designee will communicate on an as needed basis with related committees for issues pertaining to their specialities - MPI, School Affairs, EI, etc.

3. Committee Chairperson or designee, will provide a welcome email to new committee members each fall with a brief history, review of goals, etc.

4. Committee will provide support for representatives of STAR and StAMP and make recommendations PRN to the Executive Board.