Division for Educational Development

Sarah Moon – Vice President – sarah.moon@brimfield309.com

Kim Hoffer - VP-Elect - khoffer@midwestern.edu

Annual Convention Committees

Continuing Education Committee Chair: Trina M. Becker

Convention Coordinator Chair: Beth Leggitt

Program Committee Co‐Chair: Joanna Pachocha

Program Committee Co‐Chair: Karen Supel

Registration Committee Co-Chair: Debbie McGee

Registration Committee Co-Chair: Lauralee Altendorf

Student Liaison Committee Co-Chair: Michelle Burton

Student Liaison Committee Co-Chair: Michelle O'Laughlin

Program Subcommittee Chairs:

Acquired Neurogenic Disorders: Chair: Megan Cuellar

Educational Audiology / Aural Rehabilitation: Chair: Heidi Ramrattan

Child Language and Phonology: Co-Chair: Angela Beckman Anthony

Child Language and Phonology: Co-Chair: Martha Kirts

Dysphagia: Chair: Kim Adelman

Fluency: Chair: James Panico

Multicultural Issues: Chair: Maria Claudia Franca

Professional Affairs: Chair: Kara Rollins

School Affairs: Chair: Nicole Mulvey

Student Initiated Research & Clinical Application (SIRCA): Chair: Patricia Gibbons

Technological Application: Chair: Kristy Saar

Voice/Motor Disorders of Speech: Chair: Frank Goldacker

Student Day/College Bowl Coordinator: Courtney Scott

ASHA Continuing Education Administrator CEA: Trina M. Becker

Divisional Goals 2016-2017

1.    To implement successfully and within budget the Convention plan for 2017 Annual ISHA Convention.

2.    Per strategic plan, complete analysis and compile data from 2016 membership and convention surveys.

3.    Per strategic plan, with EB, review and revise the convention program topic distribution.

4.   Per strategic plan, with Membership Committee, develop and implement plan to increase the number professional development offerings and number of participants.

5.  Per strategic plan, with Division for Professional Affairs, schedule a facilitated forum at the convention to brainstorm/share solutions to increase effective clinical practice for 2017 Convention.