Division for Audiological Affairs

Scott E. Seeman - Vice President - sseeman@ilstu.edu

The Audiology Committee of ISHA represents the specialized needs of speech & hearing professionals as they relate to hearing and balance disorders and acts to inform and educate members, policymakers, and the public on these issues. This includes monitoring state and federal regulatory and legislative activities relevant to audiologists, networking with state and national audiology and related professional associations regarding their activities, providing Audiology-specific and related educational opportunities, and collaborating with other ISHA committees to promote Audiology and hearing health visibility within the Association and among policymakers and the general public.

Audiology Committee Members

Leslie Engstrand-Guca

Jeanane M. Ferre

Pam Jackson

Tena McNamara

Dianne H. Meyer

Heidi Ramrattan

Kristy Riley

Laura Wilber

Audiology Committee 2016-2017 Committee Goals

1.    To monitor activities of national audiology associations (e.g., ASHA, AAA, ADA, EAA) regarding regulatory and legislative activities relevant to audiologists (e.g. direct access, hearing aid tax credit, IDEA, EDHI).

2.    To continue to improve communication between/among IL Audiology training programs to increase professional presence at Convention and within organization, especially among students.

  • Exhibit at 2017 ILAA annual conference
  • Collaborate with ILAA on a Community Outreach/Hearing Health project  

3.    To increase Audiology membership and involvement within organization.   

4.    To collaborate with Division for Educational Development regarding Audiology-specific and Audiology-related programming at ISHA Annual Convention.

5.    To collaborate with state and/or national audiology associations (e.g., ILAA, EAA) regarding joint educational programming.

6.    Per long-range strategic plan, collaborate with Division for Professional and Consumer Education re use of social media to increase audiology visibility within Association.

7.    Per long-range strategic plan, with Division leaders and Association Management Company, continue review of Division policies and procedures, with update as needed.