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Severity Ratings Matrix, Eligibility and Workload Analysis

2017 Letter for Workload Analysis Forms

2018 Illinois Speech-Language Pathology Eligibility Matrix and Workload Analysis

2018 Eligibility and WL Guide-How to Use the Matrix and Analysis Form

2018 Workload Analysis Form and Guide for Values Template

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Approaching or Exceeding Limits Letters 9/09

Here are a couple of sample letters to use when your caseload numbers are increasing. One of the letters may be used to inform your district administrators that your caseload is increasing and will soon reach the 60 student limit; the other may be used when you have identified the 61st student needing an evaluation and/or therapy. The documents can be edited to include information specific to you and your district. It is recommended that in districts where there is more than one SLP, the team should decide when each of the letters is to be sent.

At the School Affairs Committee meeting at the 2009 ISHA convention, much discussion was held regarding the law that mandates that districts submit a workload model to ISBE by September 1, 2009. Below is the link for law. This may be a valuable reference tool for Speech Language Pathologists to use in their districts as the workload plan law Illinois Administrative Code 226.730 clearly states that: "Each plan shall be developed in cooperation with the entity’s affected employees and, where there is an exclusive representative, in accordance with the Illinois Educational Labor Relations Act (IELRA) [115 ILCS 5].

Illinois Administrative Code 226.735: Workload for Special Educators

Copy of the Specific Language in the IL Administrative Code (law) relative to SLPs

Here are some valuable links related to "Workload" and to important data for school-based SLPs:
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ASHA's National Outcomes Measurement System Documents

2017 Activities of the SLP and SLPA

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